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Alicia Spinnet

I was wondering what to write here but I don't think many other than my teammates will be interested in me anyway. Certainly not that my father is a wizard, yet a Muggleborn, which makes me...I'm not quite sure what...at any rate. Yet, simpler just to keep it as a "halfblood." Less questions and less people I don't know wanting to talk to me at any rate. I don't mind asking questions and taking an interest in other people; I just hate talking about myself. Why would I want to do that when there's more fascinating subjects about? I'm rather dull, I'm afraid. Well, I find my interests "interesting," hence them being "interests," but I doubt many others will. I like to read. A lot. Even my textbooks. Except not Hogwarts: A History so much or anything else associated with History of Magic. I do have standards.

My family are more interesting than me, so I'll say some more about them. My father was a Hufflepuff, and my brother was a Slytherin. Yes, we do get along in spite of that. My father works at the Ministry and my mother is a Muggle doctor best described as a Healer and I hope to follow in her footsteps, which I need top marks in Potions and Herbology for. My name is Alicia Spinnet. I'm a Gryffindor and one of your prefects, if you're in that house. I'm helpful if you have any questions. That's all.

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